Corporate Web

More than 15% of offline business has their own website. Why? There might be some reason you might wanted to consider:

  • Sales volume from offline (walk-in, call-in, referral) too slow or met a bottleneck?
  • When people asked for your website to review your product and services?
  • Do you found your name card is without website/personal email addresses?
  • Do you look for a chance to do re-branding with cheapest cost?

Now it’s time for you to consider our web design services.

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Online Store (E-Commerce)

More than 15,000 online store in Malaysia now, why? There might be some reason you might wanted to consider:

– Cheapest and lowest costs to kick-start business or open up a branch.
– Easy for people who work in office, and home to do shopping.
– People pay to you automatically while you’re doing other stuffs.
– Let the system work for you (stock control, billing, invoicing and payment gateway).

Now is the time for you to consider our web design services.

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Online Marketing (SEO)

Do you do offline marketing? Do you found problem as below:

  • Printing flyer with high costing but nobody bother to take your flyer or even spend some time to read?
  • Advertise in newspaper that costing a bomb but nobody really glanced through?
  • Advertise in TV but people usually switch channel when ads kick in?
  • Too high cost for bill-board or radio broadcasting?

What if you can:

  • Do online advertising with lowest cost to drive traffic to your website.
  • Have a new chance to do re-branding for your business.
  • Having a website without doing SEO is like building a shopping complex in a wasteland without building road/path to your building.
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Google Adwords (Pay per click)

Fast, efficient, first page on Google?

– Pay per click only – no charge for you at all if nobody clicked your ads in Google.
– Pricing depends on keywords market price and bidding.
– Able to set daily budget.
– Able to customer ads description, target by geo-location, and able to choose targeted audiences.

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Hosting Server and Domain Name

Looking for a stable hosting provider to host your website?

  • 99.9% server up-time guarantee and 99.5% network up-time guarantee.
  • Latest web mail software for email account.
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support.
  • Largest hosting provider in Malaysia.
  • Domain Registration for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz and also

Suitable to host:

  • Corporate website.
  • Email Hosting.
  • E-commerce website.
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We can give you some free consultant about your business needs, or marketing idea about how to advertise your business. Please do not hesitate to make this inquiry submission.

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