We always believe

Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.”


T.N. Goh

I formed Wu Creative (formerly as known as KNS Studio) since 2 years ago. At the first place, I love photography so much and I have passion and some talent in creating websites. I’m thinking to help people who don’t have much budget to start off their online business. So I started with provide penang web design services.

Is Wu Creative a company? No. I didn’t register any company. You will need to pay a large amount for large company (probably at least 5-6k MYR) for a simple website without any feature such as online selling, online marketing and SEO. You can consider me as a freelance, because I’m charging at free-lance price, but giving you services that equivalent with web design company.

How would you trust me? I completed more than 20 website till now. I started to create website since May 2014 and I believe my client like my services and decided to engage with me, since the pricing is always attractive.

I treat this as my passion, my life. You can be rest assured to pass your web design project to me and my team, together we build your website professionally.

Till then, we still majorly provide penang web design services together with SEO services to drive traffic to your website.

I’m certified in


Web Programming

penang web design services

Web Design

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Online Marketing

Online Marketing (SEO)


We aim to provide our best services to you. Although we might not as efficient as those big design firm, but I’m sure our services worth what you’re paying. We strive to help our client in:

  • Maximize ROI
  • Increase Branding Awareness/Effectiveness
  • Increase reputation and online sales
  • Image Re-branding


We can give you some free consultant about your business needs, or marketing idea about how to advertise your business. Please do not hesitate to make this inquiry submission.

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